Zestimates: How to accurately value your home.

Zestimates are not a crystal ball

Recently Los Angeles times published an article about Zillow Zestimates after Zillow’s CEO appeared on “CBS This Morning” addressing the ever popular conversation of home worth. http://www.latimes.com/business/realestate/la-fi-harney-20150208-story.html Zillow is great because it demonstrates how no one, or computer program, can make an accurate estimate of a home’s value. So how does Zillow come up with its “Zestimate”? It uses public record … [Read more...]

Tax Advantages of Homeownership

tax benefits of home ownership

Yes, it’s tax season once again.  There are definitely tax deductions from owning a home. If you are a home owner, make sure you maximize the tax benefits of home ownership when you file your 1040. The U.S. tax code is designed to offer incentives to homeowners, and by taking advantage of these breaks, 1040-filing citizens can maximize their financial investment in homeownership. That said, everyone’s financial position is not the same so look to … [Read more...]

Outpost Estates – A Jewel in the Hollywood Hills

The Hollywood Bowl, which borders the northern edge of Outpost Estates

A pristine enclave of about 450 homes once known as “the jewel in the hills”, Outpost Estates is bordered by Franklin Avenue to the south and Mullholland Drive to the north. Runyon Canyon borders it to the west and Cahuenga Boulevard to the east. The neighborhood roughly covers 1.5 square miles. Charles E. Toberman acquired the land in the 1920s and envisioned the development as “one of the most exclusive and beautiful residential parks in the … [Read more...]

Traditional Treasure in Moreno Highlands

moreno highlands silver lake home

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Angelino Heights Duplexes for sale!

Angelino Heights Victorian with guesthouse

If you’d love to own a craftsman or Victorian property in Echo Park, there are a couple of Angelino Heights opportunities you might want to check out. Angelino Heights is a Los Angeles Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, so you know that other historic homes around it will not be altered. No worried about a sky-high modern home popping up next door. 1031 W KENSINGTON RD is a craftsman duplex.  Both units have 2 bedrooms and 2 baths so this … [Read more...]