Buying a Home in Silver Lake? Focus on the Big Picture

All too often, people looking for a home in Silver Lake get hung up on small issues and let a home they would love slip away to some other buyer. Sometimes it's lack of a fence for the dogs or a "foggy" window that makes a buyer reject an otherwise "perfect" house. These small issues are the things that can easily be changed – like carpet or paint colors, or even counter-tops or light fixtures. The market is tight right now and buyers are … [Read more...]

The three steps in the California Foreclosure Process

An Overview of the California Foreclosure Process When a property owner is no longer able to make their mortgage payments and defaults on the loan, the property goes through a process know as foreclosure. When this occurs, the lender initiates the sale of the property by auction through a third party; called a trustee. The trustee is required to advertise a notice of default of the property in the newspaper for three continuous weeks. Take a … [Read more...]

How The Mills Act Can Save You Boatloads of Cash Every Year on an Historic Home

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the City of Los Angeles looked down and saw which homeowners were hard at work sprucing up the historic homes that make this city beautiful and said, “Hey, let us give you money for that!”  Well, as someone out there shopping Los Angeles real estate or looking for a Realtor, you should know that this agreement does exist between the city of Los Angeles and its property owners. It's called The Mills Act and if you … [Read more...]

Beating Cash Offers On The Silver Lake Home You Want

Conventional wisdom dictates that home sellers prefer cash offers. So what is a typical would-be buyer in Silver Lake to do when the competition comes forward with an all-cash offer? Cash offers may come from any of a variety of deep-pocketed parties: institutional investors, foreign investors, wealthy families or individual investors. Beyond doing basic due diligence — gathering as much intel as you can about the property and the seller’s … [Read more...]

Buy Los Angeles Income Property Instead of Buying a House

Have been looking for a house in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Eagle Rock, Highland Park – wherever you can find something you can afford?  Do you really want to spend $700,000 for 690sf of living space just so you can say you own a house?  If you do, that is certainly your prerogative, but why not consider buying income property instead of a house? The Advantages to buying income property are Many Buy an income property to live in while getting help … [Read more...]