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First Sights to See After Moving to Los Angeles

Moving to a new city brings all kinds of new challenges and adventures. If you're moving to Los Angeles, after unpacking, go out and check out your new city. Start with these spots to get to know the many facets of the sprawling, diverse city of LA.

Begin with the classics

Since you're new to town, own it and see all of the tourist attractions you've seen on television and in movies your whole life.


Hollywood is what made Los Angeles famous, after all. Go find your favorites at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then walk a few blocks to indulge your inner movie fan at the Hollywood Museum in the Max Factor building, which has everything from one of Dorothy's shoes from...

How to Organize Your Home the Fun Way

Your home is a reflection of you. It’s your sanctuary and refuge from the busy world and where you make cherished memories. If you’ve got clutter in your home that’s giving you stress, it’s time to tackle the problem head-on. You don’t need to be a tidying expert to get your house in tiptop shape. Below are some examples of how you can organize your home, and you may even have some fun while doing it.

Photo Credit: Unsplash

 Everything In Its Place

 Every item should have a home, but not every item needs to be in your home. As you’re decluttering and sorting through your belongings, you’re likely to find pieces you’re not ready to toss due to...

Important Tips to Think About When Making Your Home 'Smart'

Technology can make us both smarter and more efficient. Most of us are already well-equipped as individuals to make the most of the latest technology with our handheld computers (a.k.a. phones).  Living in Southern California, smack in the passenger seat of cultural innovation, we also demand to be on the forefront of technology - your home shouldn’t lag behind that goal.


If you’re looking to make your home smart with the latest technology, we suggest going about it room by room.

 Kitchen and Living Room

It’s crazy to imagine that we are living in the days where we can have virtual assistants ready to answer any question we may have – but believe it. Now, we can ask our smart speakers to set a timer, turn off the lights, or even what the weather is like in L.A. on any given day.

There are any number of ...

Clean, Clear and Comfortable: Storage and Organization Tips for Small Homes

A quick room-by-room guide on how to make the most of your limited space.


Start with the closet. This is where all the “stuff” you never use winds up and collects dusts. Remove seasonal items -- sweaters during the summer, flip-flops in the fall -- and put them in the attic, garage or unused bedroom. At the beginning of each season, hang your clothes facing one direction. When they are worn and washed, reverse the hanger. This way, at the end of the season, you’ll know what you can donate. Angie’s List also suggests adding a second hanging rod, which will instantly double your closet space.


 The kitchen is another room where unused items tend to collect. Take a look in your utensil drawer and you’ll likely find three or more spatulas, ladles and...

6 Places to See the Best Christmas Lights in Los Angeles

When thinking of the holiday season, many people picture snow covered pine trees, family gatherings surrounded by frosted windows and cups of hot chocolate by the fire. However, that’s not the picture that’s being painted in all parts of the United States. Folks who reside in places like LA and Phoenix tend to be pretty content with their short sleeve holiday seasons. Who could blame us?

While Los Angeles isn’t 80 degrees year-round, temperatures here still don’t venture far below the fifties. Luckily, this means going outside to enjoy holiday decor isn’t detrimental to the warm fuzzy feelings we all strive for during the holidays...it’s just a different type of warm and fuzzy that doesn’t involve first needing to experience frostbite or having to defrost car windows before you can feel it.

One of our country’s favorite activities throughout the...

Fall home maintenance

Preparing For The Cold: Fall Home Maintenance Tips


Photo via Pixabay by Pasja1000


For many homeowners, finding ways to keep up with the maintenance on their house without breaking the bank can be difficult. There are so many details to think about, from the lawn to the chimney, and it can be overwhelming if you have a large home or are on a tight budget. When it comes to getting a house ready for cold weather, however, it’s important to take steps...

Top 5 Fitness Centers & Gyms in Pasadena

Fitness as an industry is booming now more than ever. Pasadena gyms and fitness centers that provide a variety of styles of healthy habits are popping up everywhere, and choosing one that is right for you can begin to feel like a workout in itself.

Everyone has different preferences, as well as different body types. With so many different routes to finding health and wellness, knowing what your best options are in Pasadena is a must.

If you’re new to Pasadena or are looking for a good place to get a workout in, here are some options to consider:

Classic Bicicletta

Website: classicbicicletta.com

Located on Union street,...

Top 5 Reasons Your Family Should Move to L.A.

The City of Angels is widely known as a place for dreamers. Aspiring entertainers, actors, and entrepreneurs flock to Los Angeles in pursuit of a dream career. And while the allure of L.A.’s roots in the entertainment industry is enough of a reason for many to make the move, Los Angeles is a diverse city that has something to offer all demographics, especially families.

When you think of L.A., you most likely picture the Walk of Fame, surfers riding waves off Venice beach and Dodgers games at Angels Stadium; but these iconic images barely scratch the surface of all the city has to offer. Beyond its most well-known qualities lies a family-friendly city bursting with things to do and see with the entire family.

Los Angeles is comprised of many different neighborhoods, each offering their own unique atmosphere. Many families find themselves settling into the more suburban areas of town like Echo Park, Pasadena,...

Top 5 Scenic Drives and Sights for L.A. Locals

It's no wonder so many people call Los Angeles home. Some move here to be close to the coast. Others call it home because they love the big city. And some fall in love with the peace and quiet of the San Gabriel Mountains.

One of the best ways to explore the area is in your car — especially if you've mastered the art of maneuvering L.A. traffic on your joy rides. So roll the windows down and crank the music while you go enjoy these top 5 scenic drives and sights in L.A.:

1. Angeles Crest Scenic Byway

Angeles National Forest

Image Source

California is full of beautiful roads,...

5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Spice Up Your Backyard

Outdoor kitchens and dining spaces are among the best amenities to install in your backyard and are perfect for hosting outdoor get-togethers in the summer. Having guests over for dinner is one thing, but having guests over for a backyard barbecue with games or a fire pit adds a new level of fun for guests.

 Outdoor kitchens come in a variety of different styles and designs, but what’s important is that you choose one that matches the feel of the rest of your yard. For example, if you have a rustic home, a sleek modern outdoor kitchen may not be the best idea, and conversely, if your house is stylish and modern, a rural kitchen design probably would clash with the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

 Here are five ideas for what to include in your outdoor kitchen, things to think about, and other suggestions:

Open-Air vs. Covered Outdoor Kitchens

Open Air Outdoor BBQ...

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