7 Amazing Garage Technology That Every LA Home Owner Should Have in 2017

Cool New Garage Technology For 2017

Through the years, lots of garage door opener technology has been introduced to us. From more sophisticated garage door remotes to Wi-Fi connected garage door openers. A lot has changed since the first release of garage door openers. Here are the top garage technologies that you should own this year:

  1. Best Smart Garage Door Opener: Chamberlain MyQ-G0201 MyQ-Garage 

C:\Users\starlord\Desktop\Chamberlain MyQ-G0201 MyQ-Garage.jpg

If you still have one of the older models of a garage door opener, it’s about time you replaced your opener for a more advanced and convenient one and put power at your fingertips. Chamberlain's garage door opener lets you tap your device's screen to open or close your garage from anywhere in your mobile device or tablet. This is what makes this garage door very convenient;technology at the tipof your fingers through Wi-Fi.Soon, the company also plans to add Geofencing capabilities so it can sense when you're near your driveway to automatically open and, when your car is safely ensconced inside, close your existing garage door. Part of the Home Depot/Wink ecosystem and Apple's soon-to-be HomeKit initiative, MyQ can control nearly every garage door opener from all the major brands manufactured after 1993. 

  1. Know when to stop: CamcoAccupark


Perhaps you really don’t have the skill to park on fleek, this is where the awesome device comes in. This parking assistant device takes the guess work out of parking! It uses resin strips to tell you when you’re on your mark. Secured with adhesive tape strips, this product tells you exactly when and where to stop. No more need to inch back and forth. Stop on an AccuPark strip for accuracy every time.  

  1. Leave room for your 2nd car: Maxsa Dual Laser Parking DeviceC:\Users\starlord\Desktop\Maxsa Dual Laser Parking Device.jpg

If you have a two-car garage, you’ll really love the Maxsa Dual Laser Parking device. Like the AccuPark product, this product provides an extra measure of security. Now there will be no more accidentally bumping into containers, equipment, or garage walls or worse, the other car! Installed using ceiling mounting, these lasers guide you into perfect parking position. With no wiring required, you’ll love the simplicity and protection of this laser-guided parking.

  1. The perfect ceiling storage: MyLifter


Do you have a lot of equipment and you don’t know where to store them? Well, if your garage ceiling has ample space for storage, then the MyLifter is the one for you! Let this device lift your bike or kayak or lawn mower and save your back! This easy to install system mounts to your ceiling and does all the heavy lifting you’ll ever need. Using your smartphone, you can lift and lower objects with the touch of a button. It’s never been easier to take advantage of your garage ceiling for storing bulky items above your car. You can even program the top and bottom locations for each of these items. Invest in the MyLifter and streamline organization throughout your garage. 

  1. High-tech Garage Flooring: RaceDeck


Does your garage floor have oil stains, cracks, paint spills, moisture or uneven surfaces? Now there’s an easy way to cover all those blemishes and beautify your garage. With high-tech RaceDeck garage flooring, you can transform your garage in hours. With 9 styles and 14 colors, you’re spoiled for choice. And best of all? The entire process is do-it-yourself!You need no tools to install this spectacular flooring. If you ever move, you can easily remove these sleek tiles for use in your new garage. Enjoy style, function, and RaceDeck’s amazing 15-year warranty. 

  1. Scratch free car doors: Park Smart Wall Guard
    Say goodbye to (avoidable) dings, dents, and scratches on your car doors! Mount the Park Smart Wall Guard plastic guards on your wall to protect your car door as it swings open. Guaranteed by a lifetime warranty, these durable guards cost less than $10 each. Compare that cost to how much you’ll have to shell out if youdamage your car door. Avoid body damage in the first place by installing these door guards onto drywall, studs, concrete, and bricks. 

  1. A place for everything: Ideal Wall

C:\Users\starlord\Desktop\Ideal Wall.JPG

The typical garage consists of crowded floors and bare walls which makes the entire space messy that’s why IdealWall is the perfect organizational tool for you! Used alone or in conjunction with the MyLifter, this slat wall board system allows you to organize a huge array of items you might normally leave on your garage floor: rakes, golf clubs, strollers, shop vacs, and ladders, just to name a few. It also provides easy access to all these items, as you can see everything you own at a glance. With dozens of accessories—including baskets, racks, hooks, and bins—you can customize the Ideal Wall to perfectly suit your needs.

We hope we’ve given you different ways to modernize your garage with convenience as our priority. By using just a few of these products, it will truly make your life easier and hassle free.

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