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Top 5 Home Renovations to Consider Before Selling Your Home

When done correctly, renovating your home kills two birds with one stone. It makes the home nicer for yourself for the rest of the time you live there, and the home’s value can be drastically increased when you decide it’s time to sell it.

Renovations of all kinds, minor and major alike, are not cheap tasks though, and can become more expensive investments in the short term based upon the size of the project. In the long term, big renovations nearly always add value to the property, but be prepared to invest a large amount of money, the value of which might not be returned until a much later date and likely not 100%.

With that considered, here are the top 5 home renovations to consider before selling your home:

1. Garage Renovation

New Garage Upgrades...

Looking to Sell in LA? 5 Tips for Staging Your Home

5 Tips for Staging Your LA Home

Source: pixabay.com

Staging your LA home for sale is easily the most important job. Crafting an inviting space is difficult when a home is specifically arranged to cater to the styles and needs of the inhabitants, hence the potential need to reconstruct your styles to make it more “home-like” to potential buyers.

Here are some tips on how to transform your Los Angeles house from your living space into someone else’s future home:

Maximizing Your LA Home’s Curb Appeal

When you’re...

Tips for Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter

Tips For Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter

If you are having trouble decluttering your house, it’s probably because of one of these three reasons: 1) You can’t find the time to do it, 2) you’re too lazy to do it, or 3) you just have a hard time letting go because of the sentimental value you attach to your clutter.

If it’s the latter, then you really are going to have a tough time clearing your home of all that clutter. Sentiments are good, but you will have to declutter unless you want to be on a TV show that features people who are practically buried in all kinds of junk.

house full of clutter

It’s not easy letting go of sentimental items, but sometimes you have to do it. Here are some...

Pasadena's Historic Buildings, Homes, and Landmarks

Pasadena, California is home of the Rose Bowl Stadium, the birthplace of Jackie Robinson, and a town packed with history. Located just ten miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles, even the name of this city shows its lively culture.

Originally named by its early inhabitants, Pasadena is a Chippewa word that means “Crown of the Valley”. In 1873, settlers from Indiana put down roots on a narrow strip of land in the Arroyo Seco that grew into the city of Pasadena we know today.

In 1880, Pasadena designated itself as a resort town and became a hub for Eastern travelers looking to escape winter. Large, luxurious hotels sprung up, three of which are still standing: Hotel Green, Vista...

Essential Outdoor Home Maintenance You Can Do Yourself In Spring

Spring is a time of growth and change, with new life popping up everywhere and hotter days around the corner. These changes impact your home, so now is a critical time to assess any damage that may have occurred over winter and get your home ready for summer. Make sure to take care of these essential home maintenance projects now so you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor spaces this summer.

 Clean and Repair Gutters

This is a job that should be done in the fall and spring both, and for good reason: your gutters divert water that runs off the roof away from your house, protecting siding and keeping water away from your basement and foundation. When you’re cleaning gutters, check for damage to make sure they can function properly. If you spot any damage, such as holes or leaky joints, This Old House has a great resource for how to make these repairs yourself.

Check Your Roof for Damage...

Moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles

Moving from Brooklyn to LA and buying a home

 At the moment, moving from Brooklyn to LA and buying a home can look a bit frightening. But it shouldn’t be. You will fit in just fine, everybody else did.Image of the Brooklyn Bridge

We all know that Brooklyn seems like the new center of the Universe and that this is the place where even the sky isn’t the limit anymore. From the beginning to the end of the Brooklyn, there are job opportunities, unforgettable experiences, great food and prestige art scene. And don’t even get me starting on the self-satisfying belief that New York is so much better than Los Angeles. But, the list of the reasons why you might be considering moving from Brooklyn to LA and buying a home there might be long.

Many are considering their options. Renters can’t keep up...

The Top Rated Pasadena High Schools in Pasadena Unified School District

Pasadena, California, one of the oldest incorporated cities in Los Angeles County (behind only the city of Los Angeles itself), may be known as the home of the New Year’s Day's Rose Parade and subsequent Rose Bowl, one of college football’s biggest games of the season, but the city has far more to offer. In addition to being relatively close to the heart of Los Angeles, Pasadena is also surrounded by mountains and offers residents easy access to the nearby Pacific Ocean. Residents are afforded a unique lifestyle, combining fun and relaxation with affordable housing and an excellent job market. Pasadena’s Unified School District (PUSD) includes many of the city’s top public schools, which can help ease the mind of worried parents who are looking to relocate to the area. Though the city has plenty of great reasons to consider relocating, it is the quality of schools that...

The Top Rated Middle Schools in Pasadena, California

Moving might feel like an exciting, empowering experience for you as a parent. You’re able to take your family to a new environment that might be better suited for them, present them with new adventures, and open them up to exciting opportunities.

Unfortunately, what’s exciting and empowering for parents can be terrifying and traumatic for kids who have to deal with being placed in a new school system, make new friends, and deal with being “the new kid.” All of these feelings are compounded when your child is in middle school. As a parent, you’ll want the transition to be easy, so it’s incumbent upon you to do your research prior to moving and ensure both you and your child are equipped with the knowledge you all need to seamlessly integrate into a new school system.

Fortunately for you, Pasadena has some excellent public and private middle schools with well-developed academic programs, diverse student bodies, and innovative collaboration...

Downsizing for Retirement: Why You Should Start Now

Many homeowners choose to downsize upon reaching retirement. It’s a great way to make home life more manageable as you age, especially when your family home is large and multi-story. But is it really wise to wait until you’re in your 60s to think about moving house? Instead of delaying the move until you’re older and less physically able, it may be smarter to downsize as soon as the kids move out.

Downsizing early


The longer you spend paying for more house than you need, the less money you have to put toward your retirement accounts. And when the median retirement savings...

The Top Rated Pasadena Elementary Schools in Pasadena Unified School District

There’s no doubt that Pasadena is a popular place to live. But many people ask, is Pasadena a good place to raise children? How are the elementary schools in the area?

You’ll be happy to hear that Pasadena offers robust academic programs, well developed athletic programs, and clubs for children of all ages. And these are just some of the things that make Pasadena a desirable place to raise a family.

If you’re thinking about moving to Pasadena, knowing that your children will be attending an excellent school might make all the difference. To help you decide whether or not Pasadena is right for you and your family, here’s a quick guide on what you need to know about some of the top rated elementary schools within the Pasadena Unified School District.

 Hamilton Elementary School...

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