Beachwood Canyon’s Hollywoodland – Historic Neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills

Beachwood Canyon is a neighborhood of hilly, narrow streets that wind their way through the Hollywood Hills. It is found East of the 101 freeway and with the base at Franklin Avenue. The gate to the Village of Beachwood Canyon, home of the Beachwood Market, The Village Café and a small gift shop - Missouri Trader ,is located about a mile North of Franklin on Beachwood Drive. The market is notable for its glass front, designed by architect, John Lautner. Beachwood Canyon is full of homes built in the 20's -40's but also has a smattering of newer construction, particularly the condos lining Beachwood Canyon Blvd. south of the gates. Having lived in the area, I can attest to what a great place it is to walk. The winding streets bring vistas around many corners and the lovely trees provide shade on a warm sunny day. Regardless of the number of homes in the area, it still provides the sense of being out in nature. There is even a riding stable at 3400 N Beachwood should residents or visitors care to discover the area on horseback. Original Hollywood Sign- dedicated in 1923If you are familiar with the area, you're also familiar with all of the signs posted saying "No Access to the Hollywood Sign". I'm surprised that tourists aren't hit by cars when the walk out into the middle of Beachwood Dr. to snap a photo of the famous sign. Interestingly, that sign was originally erected in upper Beachwood Canyon by Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler and read "HOLLYWOODLAND" . It was actually a $21,000 billboard advertising the 500 acre upscale real estate development by the same name. Development of Hollywoodland began in 1923 with the syndicate owned by Harry Chandler, developer Sidney H. Woodruff and the founder of West Hollywood, General M. H. Sherman. The L.A. Times announced this new developments as one of the most attractive residential sections of the City of Los Angeles", envisioning it as a Mediterranean Riviera in the Hollywood Hills between Lake Hollywood and Griffith Park. Architectural drawings inspired by regions of France, Italy and Spain were used to draw east Coasters to the hillside lots where their homes would be complete in time to avoid the next harsh winter. How the Hollywood Sign Looks todayWhen originally built, the Hollywoodland sign had was comprised of individual letters 30 feet wide and 50 feet tall and constructed out of 3x9' metal squares rigged together with scaffolding. There was a 35' diameter dot below the sign with a perimeter of 20-watt lights to attract attention. The sign itself featured an addition 4,000 bulbs spaced 8 inches apart which blinked out "Holly", "wood", "land". As you can see from the old photo- it would have been hard to miss this landmark sign during the day but the lights would certainly have had a dramatic effect at night. Originally intended to be taken down after just 1.5 years, the sign has endured 80+ years in various states and become a true landmark for Hollywood and a symbol of all that it has to offer. Hollywoodland home in Beachwood CanyonLiving in Hollywoodland defined living in the Hollywood Hills. As showy as the sign was, the developers managed to lay out homes in such a way as to create a small town charm.  Hollywood Celebrities were drawn to the area then as they are now for the beauty, seclusion, views and great location. The proximity to the major studios is hard to beat. Many Hollywoodland homes have a fantasy feel to them. You'll find castles, Tudors and ivy-covered cottages right alongside Spanish and mid-century gems. Homes in the higher elevations have views over the canyon and city all the way to the ocean. Like many areas of Los Feliz and the Hollywood Hills, Beachwood Canyon and Hollywoodland are well-loved and have loyal homeowners keeping their famous neighborhood worthy of its place in history and the well known sign in its hills. For more information on Hollywoodland, Beachwood Canyon, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and surrounding areas, contact me directly at 213-215-4758 or check out Or read about these other local neighorhoods: Jenny Durling signature Jenny Durling Broker Associate L.A. Property Solutions 213-215-4758 Copyright © 2010 By Jenny Durling *All Rights Reserved * Beachwood Canyon's Hollywoodland- Historic Neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills

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