Caldron Kitty in Silver Lake for witchcraft, pagan and spiritual supplies

Caldron Kitty in Silver Lake for witchcraft, pagan and spiritual supplies I've seen a lot of movies and TV shows that have stores where you can buy notions and potions, spell books and ingredients like "eye of Newt", but I was surprised to find we have our own witchcraft supply store right here in Silver Lake! CauldronKitty storefront in Silver Lake Caldron Kitty sells ritual tools and supplies, hand crafted wood and crystal wands, chalices, jewelry and a great line of hand poured candles.  This Silver Lake shop hosts classes and public rituals, provides Tarot card, Runes and Ogham readings and complete astrological chart- no new age stuff but serious witchcraft!  Lest you think this is some sort of gimmick; the knowledgeable staff actually helps patrons withmagic and guidance in spell work. Sun Tarot card silver lake witchcraftRunes tiles at Cauldron Kitty Silver LakeI had driven by this Silver Lake shop many times but had never thought much about it until early last year. One of my clients had called to tell me there were weird paranormal things happen in her condo: doors slamming by themselves, lights flickering, the TV turning on and off, missing items showing up in their correct places weeks after they disappeared. Her mother was staying with her at the time and was awakened at night by static like sound and she saw some sort of apparition in her bedroom doorway! I'm not exactly a chicken, but I have to admit my client is a lot braver than I would be in that situation. Courtney found these experiences to be strange but not really frightening and would try to recreate the odd occurrences to see if she could find a rational reason for the things she was experiencing. When she decided there was more to it than a breeze or electrical short, Courtney stopped in at Cauldron Kitty inSilver Lake for some advice. The knowledgeable staff listened to her story and came up with a spell they thought would alleviate the problem. The helpful Cauldron Kitty staff sent her on her way with Frankincense resinRosemary oil and instructions for cleansing, blessing and clearing the condo of negative energy.  Courtney tried the ritual on her own and it appeared to solve the problem. Shortly after performing the ritual she called to recount her experiences.  Thinking it was pretty weird but being intrigued, I told her to call me if the problems reoccurred and she wanted to repeat the ritual.  The Caldron Kitty staff had told her it might be necessary to perform the spell more than one time.  Within a few weeks, odd things began to happen again and I joined her to go through the ritual a second time. Frakincense resin from cauldron kitty in Silver Lake Obviously you have to have an open mind to try something like this and I was game.  Courtney lit the incense and we went room by room, spreading the smoky air and invoking the help of Saint Michael to protect and cleanse the home.  It's been more than a year since we went through this ritual together and apparently it worked like a charm. All is now quiet in her home! Prior to this experience I might have thought the whole idea was preposterous. Let's just say I have a new respect for magicwitchcraft, spells and the staff of Caldron Kitty who really know their stuff.  I highly recommend stopping by their shop in Silver Lake to check out their wares and see if there isn't a spell that can improve whatever situation you may find yourself in! As they say on their website, "why not stop in for a spell? It may change your life!" Cauldron Kitty sign in Silver Lake Caldron Kitty is located at 2818 Rowena Ave in Silver Lake, just down the street from The Edendale Grill in Silver Lake. They are openWed - Fri 12:00PM - 8:00PM, Sat 11:00AM - 7:00PM and Sunday 11:00AM  to 5:00PM. For more information on what's happening in the area, visit my Silver Lake facebook page.  For information on buying or selling property in  Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and surrounding areas, contact me directly at 213-215-4758 or check out Jenny Durling signature Jenny Durling Broker Associate L.A. Property Solutions 213-215-4758


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