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Important Tips to Think About When Making Your Home 'Smart'

Technology can make us both smarter and more efficient. Most of us are already well-equipped as individuals to make the most of the latest technology with our handheld computers (a.k.a. phones).  Living in Southern California, smack in the passenger seat of cultural innovation, we also demand to be on the forefront of technology - your home shouldn’t lag behind that goal.


If you’re looking to make your home smart with the latest technology, we suggest going about it room by room.

 Kitchen and Living Room

It’s crazy to imagine that we are living in the days where we can have virtual assistants ready to answer any question we may have – but believe it. Now, we can ask our smart speakers to set a timer, turn off the lights, or even what the weather is like in L.A. on any given day.

There are any number of ...

5 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas to Spice Up Your Backyard

Outdoor kitchens and dining spaces are among the best amenities to install in your backyard and are perfect for hosting outdoor get-togethers in the summer. Having guests over for dinner is one thing, but having guests over for a backyard barbecue with games or a fire pit adds a new level of fun for guests.

 Outdoor kitchens come in a variety of different styles and designs, but what’s important is that you choose one that matches the feel of the rest of your yard. For example, if you have a rustic home, a sleek modern outdoor kitchen may not be the best idea, and conversely, if your house is stylish and modern, a rural kitchen design probably would clash with the aesthetic of the rest of your home.

 Here are five ideas for what to include in your outdoor kitchen, things to think about, and other suggestions:

Open-Air vs. Covered Outdoor Kitchens

Open Air Outdoor BBQ...

Top 5 Home Renovations to Consider Before Selling Your Home

When done correctly, renovating your home kills two birds with one stone. It makes the home nicer for yourself for the rest of the time you live there, and the home’s value can be drastically increased when you decide it’s time to sell it.

Renovations of all kinds, minor and major alike, are not cheap tasks though, and can become more expensive investments in the short term based upon the size of the project. In the long term, big renovations nearly always add value to the property, but be prepared to invest a large amount of money, the value of which might not be returned until a much later date and likely not 100%.

With that considered, here are the top 5 home renovations to consider before selling your home:

1. Garage Renovation

New Garage Upgrades...

Essential Outdoor Home Maintenance You Can Do Yourself In Spring

Spring is a time of growth and change, with new life popping up everywhere and hotter days around the corner. These changes impact your home, so now is a critical time to assess any damage that may have occurred over winter and get your home ready for summer. Make sure to take care of these essential home maintenance projects now so you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor spaces this summer.

 Clean and Repair Gutters

This is a job that should be done in the fall and spring both, and for good reason: your gutters divert water that runs off the roof away from your house, protecting siding and keeping water away from your basement and foundation. When you’re cleaning gutters, check for damage to make sure they can function properly. If you spot any damage, such as holes or leaky joints, This Old House has a great resource for how to make these repairs yourself.

Check Your...

Health-Conscious Home Modifications

Health-Conscious Home Modifications


In all likelihood, your home is where you spend the majority of your time, so making sure it’s a healthy environment for your mind and body is important. Sick house syndrome is a real thing, whereby lead paint, pesticides, mold, and other household problems are leaving their occupants with real diseases, like asthma. Most homeowners spend between $211 and $6,298 nationally to address home safety concerns related to lead and asbestos removal and improved air quality.

 Let’s take a look at the biggest offenders and how you can resolve these risks.

 Removing Carpeting

 wood floors are easiest to keep clean

If someone in your...

Make Sure Your Home & Yard Are Ready For Winter

Make Sure Your Home & Yard Are Ready for Winter

 Here in Los Angeles, the seasons aren’t the same as the rest of the country. There’s no snowfall, and while trees can lose their leaves in late fall, it’s not a drastic change. However, it is still a change your house has to get used to.

That’s why you need to prepare your home for winter before the weather finally starts to turn colder. You’ll need to work on both the inside and outside of your home. But first, are such preparations really necessary?

Image Source: Pixabay

Working Now Saves You Later On

Since the seasons don’t change much here in southern California, you can easily forget about regular home maintenance. All the days can blur together....

Easy DIY Air Conditioner Fixes

Easy DIY Air Conditioner Fixes

Let’s get this out of the way first: Serious AC unit troubles will always require the expertise of a qualified  air conditioning professional. It would be risky and more expensive down the line if you try to fix severe air conditioner issues by yourself. There are, however, some AC problems that you can easily address on your own, at least until the problem proves to be so critical only an AC professional can deal with it. Here are some easy DIY air conditioner fixes that can save you hundreds of dollars.

Problem: Your AC unit won’t turn on

When your air conditioner doesn't power up, check your circuit breaker first. It may have been tripped, so check your breaker panel and if it’s tripped halfway, just turn it all the way off, then switch it back on.

It’s also possible that a clogged drain line has set off the overflow...

3 Tips for Installing a Fence Yourself

3 Tips for Installing a Fence Yourself

 Even if you are a good neighbor, you may find yourself wishing that you had a fenced-in backyard. Homeowners who have dogs and young children install fences for increased security. People who live along busy roads install fences for privacy. And, homeowners who also have backyard swimming pools install fences to comply with local safety ordinances. Whatever your reason for installing a fence, you may be considering installing one yourself. If you are, our three tips will help.

 1. Determine the Best Fencing Material for Your Area


7 Amazing Garage Technology That Every LA Home Owner Should Have in 2017

Cool New Garage Technology For 2017

Through the years, lots of garage door opener technology has been introduced to us. From more sophisticated garage door remotes to Wi-Fi connected garage door openers. A lot has changed since the first release of garage door openers. Here are the top garage technologies that you should own this year:

  1. Best Smart Garage Door Opener: Chamberlain MyQ-...

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