Home Buying: The Features You Want vs. the Features You Need

  Have you determined what features your new home absolutely must have?

1973 Redesdale - The Jenkyns House post and beam Silver Lake Often, buyers approach the home search without a clear idea of what they're looking for. They think "they'll know it when they see it" so spend a lot of time viewing homes that just won't do. Others have a long list of "wants" and become frustrated because no one home offers all of them. Budget constraints also play a part. If the sky is the limit, you may be able to find a home that offers every feature you could dream of. If you have a budget, you'll need to set priorities.

Make two lists:

Save yourself time and streamline your home search by making two lists. The first is for those features and benefits that your new home absolutely must offer. For instance, you might work from home and require an office or an extra bedroom to turn into an office. Put that on theDoes your new Los Angeles area home need room for a grand piano? list. You might be a gourmet cook and would be miserable without extensive counter and storage space in the kitchen. Put that on the list. You might be a musician and own a grand piano – your list needs to note that you need a room large enough to accommodate that piano. Once your list is made, share it with me. Using it, I can narrow our search to homes that meet your most important requirements. Next, make list of the features you want.  These are the "extras" that appeal to you but aren't absolutely vital. For instance, a bay window, a huge pantry, an over sized garage, or walk-in closets. For some, even the number of bedrooms and baths fall under the "want" rather than the "need" category. Using your first list, I'll locate homes that offer the features you absolutely must have.  After we’ve eliminated the choices that won’t work, we’ll have a list of possibilities that match your “must have” list - and can focus on viewing homes that include the items on your “nice to have” list. Once we begin viewing homes together, we can further refine the search by paying attention to how you feel about the details in each home. Sometimes home buyers change their minds about features they wanted or didn't want after viewing homes with those features. In addition, you might notice features that you hadn't thought of before and want to add them to your list. Paying attention, sorting through the listings, and saving you time in your home search are some of my functions as a buyer’s agent. Your lists will help that process go smoothly. For information on buying or selling property in  Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and surrounding areas, contact me directly at 213-215-4758 or check out LApropertySolutions.com Jenny Durling signature Jenny Durling Broker Associate L.A. Property Solutions 213-215-4758 info@LApropertySolutions.com LApropertySolutions.com Copyright © 2011 By Jenny Durling * Home Buying: The Features You Want vs. the Features You Need*

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