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Should you rent it or flip it? This is a dilemma faced by many novice real estate investors looking to earn from either renting out or flipping a property. In a nutshell, to “flip” means to purchase a property that is undervalued compared to similar properties in the same area, make some minor repairs and cosmetic improvements, then list it at a higher price. Flipping property is a good way to earn quick cash, which could bring you around $20,000-60,000  or more in profits. But flipping is not for everyone. You may lose money on flipping a property if you end up with high repair costs or if the repairs take too long to finish, or the property stays in the market for too long....

Auburn 7 Small Lot Subdivision in Silver Lake

Auburn 7 Small Lot Subdivision in Silver Lake Have you heard of the Auburn 7 small lot subdivision in Silver Lake?  This complex of seven single family homes  designed by Silver Lake based MASS Architecture and Design is one of L.A.'s small lot subdivisions, located right here is Silver Lake. The seven homes are townhouse style, separated by just a small space and share walkways and a community garden on DWP land in front. exterior of Auburn 7 Small Lot Subdivision in Silver Lake...

Local Attractions in Echo Park

Elysian Heights- a neighborhood in the hills of Echo Park Most people are familiar with Griffith Park, but not as many have heard of Elysian Park and the residential area adjacent to it known as Elysian Heights- the hills of Echo Park. elysian park 600 acre preserve in Elysian HeightsFounded in 1781, Elysian Park is 600 acres of preserved space planted with native chaparral, eucalyptus, ficus and avocado trees. Considered an urban oasis to nature-loving Angelinos and visitors alike, the park is home to hiking trails, picnic areas and playing fields. It's also the location of Dodger Stadium and the Los Angeles Police Academy! The residential area bordering the park took on the name Elysian Heights and many of the homes offer wonderful views of downtown, Echo Park and out...


Is it better to get a loan through a mortgage broker or a local bank? Shopping for a mortgage loan could be as bewildering as shopping for the perfect pair of shoes. With hundreds of options and banks or financial institutions to choose from, looking for the best deal often leaves you tired and frustrated at the end of the day.  New or first time homebuyers may also find themselves being too giddy with excitement over buying their first home that they could easily fall prey to unscrupulous lenders.
In my opinion it...
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