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Top 7 Reasons to Love the Mount Angelus neighborhood of Los Angeles

1.  "Hollywood Hills" Living at Highland Park Prices - Many properties in Mt. Angelus are secluded tracts tucked away with their own beautiful gardens and mature trees.  Often you'll find multiple terraces offering panoramic views of Glendale, Eagle Rock and the mountains beyond.  It's very much like the Hollywood Hills of the Eastside with much lower asking prices. Map of the Mount Angelus neighborhood of Highland Park

2. Fascinating History - A woman named Cora Scott Pond-Pope purchased the Mount Angelus property from the Garvanza Land Company, the holders of the original Spanish land grant, in the early 1900's. She began investing in Los Angeles real estate in 1886 and in 1905 we moved her family to the area where her husband...

Two Homes On A Lot In Mount Angelus!

I'm proud to present this gorgeous property located in the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood of Mount Angeles.

344 Stowe Terrace

private front court yard of main house

When you think '2 on a lot', you probably think of all those that have a 2 bedroom in front and a 1 bedroom in back.  Well, here's a change of pace!  The main house is a 2-story, 4-bedroom house with a den!  The garage is in front and the front yard is provided privacy by a tall hedge. Mount Angeles 2 on a lot - living room The inviting living room is filled...

Great Bargains in an HPOZ? Only if you know where to look

Why are so may people moving to NELA (North East L.A.)?

Ask any Los Angeles Real Estate Agent why their clients are drawn to buying in parts east, and you'll hear a few common refrains - “It's an up-and-coming neighborhood”... “The homes have character”... “It's great for young families”. And I always hear, “It's more affordable”.  Today, I'm going to touch on the smartest way to get the charm, character, and family feel that you seek without paying a premium for it. When shopping for real estate in Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Eagle Rock and surrounding areas, savvy buyers know about Historic Preservation Overlay Zones (HPOZs).  These are neighborhoods that aim to preserve their distinct historic character by requiring review and approval of all exterior alterations to designated properties within the district.

Benefits to owning property in a Los Angeles  Historic Preservation Overlay Zone


Gabriella Charter School in Echo Park is the Second Best Charter in California!

Getting your kids into school is not what it used to be

enrolling in school isn't as easy as it used to beTwenty years ago, when it was time to enroll your little one in school you would walk to the neighborhood school and sign little Timmy up for Kindergarten. If your family had some money, you might go to private school.  Sometimes a family would consider home schooling. Now there are so many different options it can be overwhelming. You can still go to your neighborhood school, which school districts really encourage, but now there are things like open enrollment lotteries, homeschool via the Internet, and charter schools.

What is a charter school?

A Charter school is basically a free private school. These schools are privately funded through donations from charities or...

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