Silver Lake's 30th Annual Sunset Junction Street Fair takes place this weekend, August 21 and 22

Silver Lake's Annual Sunset Junction Street Fair if one of the largest celebrations of diversity in Los Angeles.  The Sunset Junction Neighborhood Alliance was created to acknowledge the diversity of the neighborhoods of Silver Lake, Echo Park and Los Feliz. Long recognized as an area where artists, musicians, students, straight, gays and people of all ages live in harmony and respect for each others way of life- Sunset Junction is the perfect location for such a celebration.  A huge number of people gather at this annual event and this year will be no different with and expected attendance of 75,000-100,000 each day. Besides being a great place to get out for rides, attractions food booth and tons of live music, Silver Lake's Sunset Junction Street Fair is also a good cause.  All proceeds benefit Sunset Junction area youth programs. These programs provide work training, art classes, after schools programs and more to the area's under-served and at-risk youth from the community. So come out on the weekend an have fun while supporting a good cause at the same time. Here's the schedule of events: Saturday, August 21st, From 11am to 11pm Sunday, August 22nd, From 11am to 10pm 3700-4300 Sunset Boulevard 4000-4200 Santa Monica Boulevard Silver Lake, Los Angeles California 90029 Susent Junction Street Fair flyer SATURDAY, AUGUST 21 BATES STAGE                          HOOVER STAGE                       SANBORN STAGE 1:00                                                        1:00                                                        12:00 WHITE APPLE TREE                            BALANDUGU KAN                                DJ PELAU 2:00                                                        2:00                                                        1:30 FEROCIOUS FEW                                 JIMMIE & MORAL GROOVE                DJ JEREMY SOLE 3:00                                                        3:00                                                         3:30 HANNI EL KHATIB                               RHYTHM ROOTS ALLSTARS                MALECO COLLECTIVE 4:00                                                         4:00                                                        5:00 SAINT MOTEL                                       ORGONE                                               B-SIDE PLAYERS 5:00                                                         5:00                                                         6:30 CHRIS PIERCE                                        MEDUSA                                                BIG DADDY KANE 6:30                                                        7:00                                                        8:00 DAM FUNK                                            EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KING               FISHBONE 7:30                                                         8:30                                                        9:30 MILES DAVIS/                                        THE OHIO PLAYERS                             BAD BRAINS BITCHES BREW RE-MIX 9:00 GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY ELECTRO DANCE STAGETHE FOLD STAGE/LOCALS ONLY (EDGECLIFFE) 1:00                                                                       1:00 CHRISTOPHER YATES CIRCUS                            THE SILVERLAKE CHORUS 3:00                                                                        2:00 HYPHY CRUNK                                                     MOSES CAMPBELL 4:15                                                                       3:00 DJ BRENT BOLTHOUSE                                      SWEATERS 5:30                                                                        4:05 DJ ERIC CUBEECHEE                                           ANDY CLOCKWISE 6:45                                                                        5:05 SPEAKER JUNKIES                                               POLLYN 7:50                                                                        6:15 PARTY CRASHERS F/DJ                                        EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS RUCKUS & CORY ENEMY 7:25 9:00                                                                       CHIEF SHINY TOY GUNS -- HYBRIDIGITAL f/WILD CHILD                                                      8:35 SPECIAL GUEST TBA 9:50 SPECIAL GUEST TBA SUNDAY, AUGUST 22 BATES STAGE                          HOOVER STAGE                                  SANBORN STAGE                                1:00                                        1:00                                                                        12:00 RAHEEM COHEN                                 SPELLBOUND                                                        DJ WING KO 2:00                                                        2:00                                                                        1:30 AURUM                                                  RAY RICKY RIVERA                                               DJ CARLOS NINO 3:30                                                        3:00                                                                        3:30 ROLLING RADIO                                   PERMANENT ABILITY                                          PALENKE SOUL TRIBE 5:00                                                        4:00                                                                        5:00 GIRL IN A COMA                                   FITZ & THE TANTRUMS                                        BOBO MEETS RHETTAMATU 6:00                                                       5:30                                                                        6:30 INSITE                                                    MAYER HAWTHORNE                                          MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO 7:00                                                       6:45                                                                         8:00 DIVISION MINUSCALA                        FREDDIE POOLE w/ ELLIS HALL                          LEE SCRATCH PERRYSilver Lake’s 30th Annual Sunset Junction Street Fair takes place this weekend, August 21 and 22 8:00                                                       8:00 EDWARD SHARPE &                          THE WHISPERS THE MAGNETIC ZEROS ELECTRO DANCE STAGE         THE FOLD STAGE/LOCALS ONLY (EDGECLIFFE) 1:00                                                        12:00 CHRISTOPHER YATES CIRCUS             GWENDOLYN & THE GOOD TIME BAND 3:00                                                         1:00 DJ ERIC NEUTRON                               THE JANKS 4:00                                                         2:00 DJ GUSTO                                              WHEELHOUSE 5:00                                                         3:00 DJ DEXTEROUS                                     LESLIE & THE BADGERS 6:00                                                         4:05 DJ SPLYCE                                              RED CORTEZ 7:10                                                         5:15 CC SHEFFIELD                                       THE DEADLY SYNDROME 7:25                                                         6:25 CAROLINE D'AMORE                          THE CRYSTAL ANTLERS 8:45                                                         7:35 DJ DOC MARTIN                                   SAM SPARRO 8:45 INFINITY (female fronted tribute to Journey) For more on Silver Lake or for information on buying or selling property in Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and surrounding areas, contact me directly at 213-215-4758 or check out Jenny Durling signature Jenny Durling Broker Associate L.A. Property Solutions 213-215-4758 Copyright © 2010 By Jenny Durling *All Rights Reserved * Silver Lake's 30th Annual Sunset Junction Street Fair takes place this weekend, August 21 and 22

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