The Value in Working with a Los Angeles Real Estate Agent

These days, with so much information available online, it's really important to show our value beyond unlocking doors.  Being from the old school myself, I could not imagine making such a huge financial investment as buying a home without the help of a professional.  I don't do my own taxes, or my own dental work for that matter!  However, the vast amounts of information available online seem to be leading some consumers to believe that they really don't need us. I just closed an escrow with buyers who initially felt that way, but admitted to me during the process that they were seeing things from a new perspective.  I asked if they would mind putting something in writing that might help me (and other Realtors) understand a bit better where they were coming from.  Here it is: How Jenny Durling Proved Me Wrong: I do all my shopping online. When it came time to buy a house, naturally, I felt that online shopping was vastly superior to the outdated methods of old.  Why would I need a person involved in this process, when all the information I need is in my living room? My strategy proved correct, vast amounts of information came to me with ease, maps, prices, pictures, and stats.... I'm going to have a house locked up by the weekend - w/o some agent getting in my way! 2 months later: Lost a house, and we were combing over and over again through the same old funky stale listings. We also learned the lesson the hard way on bad deals that the seller's agent telling you they will fight for you as a buyer, not really true... at all. This made me more defiant, that we could go-it alone.  Meanwhile houses were coming on and selling before we knew about them. After clicking on the same dank/ fixer for the 100th time, we knew it was time to change course.  We just were not seeing the "good" listings, our offers were clumsy, and we were depending on people that did not have our interests at heart to move the process. My parents had been urging me from the start to find an agent.  They remained close friends with their agent until she passed away, being so happy with the life she helped them achieve - but that was the 70's, this is now. Very hesitantly we took my parents' advice and called Jenny Durling, who was recommended very highly by a friend who recently bought a home. I was of the mind to get into things slowly... but not Jenny.  The next weekend she had 6 (new) places set up. Each was mapped out and neatly prepared with a wealth of information on each property.  It did not seem to matter what time of day or night we hit her with questions, she was back too us almost before we hit send! I was starting to fear I would have to admit I was wrong. The first time we went out, I was sure of it. Going through each house she had a skill for seeing pros and cons in the properties that we, as new home buyers, missed. She also could read the situation on the financial side and give us very reliable, realistic advice we could trust. She knew the market in a way we could not. It was during our first offer that I really had to admit I needed a buyer's agent, and Jenny was one of the best!  She came in after hours to put an offer together, and worked the deal with such skill and speed; I knew she was working for us. For that reason, even when the situation changed and my father in law was buying, and we from him, I insisted he work through her. What I had failed to see is that buying a home is still a very human process. There are politics, and individual human forces driving each sale. Like any trade, you need to have experience to navigate properly.  The tools on the Internet are great, and can help tremendously, but to execute a good deal, you need a buyers agent.  Giving someone a hammer does not mean they can build a house... giving someone redfin does not mean they can buy a house. Eric T Proud Recipient of a "SOLD" Sign!!!!! Jenny Durling signature Jenny Durling Broker Associate L.A. Property Solutions 213-215-4758

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