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Jenny Durling reviews
As an out-of-towner looking for a house in central Los Angeles for my son, I knew enough to know that I didn't know anything about neighborhoods. As a tech-challenged senior I was immediately drawn to Jenny’s website because of its organized and user-friendly format and thorough information. I found no other website that compared. 
On top of that Jenny turned out to be a fantastic agent--quickly educating us to what to expect in available housing, covering many places in a short amount of time, helping us distill what we were really looking for. Ahead of our timeline, we found the house that our son and granddaughters have moved into and made their own. 
Jenny responded immediately to our questions, offering her observations based on her experience, and made the entire process as painless as possible. You won’t go wrong working with Jenny.
Karen Jobe
Jenny makes you feel like you are her only client. She was very helpful with everything, from finding inspectors on the spot, to helping cooridnate the closing of the house we were selling and the house we were buying! She is very knowledgeable about the area and if she doesn't like something about a house, she'll tell you, she doesn't try to sell you every house you see no matter the condition. It was refreshing to work with an agent that is honest!
Laura Sadler
I just purchased my first apartment and I am not sure that I could have done it with out Jenny. She was extremely knowledgable of the area (east hollywood, silverlake) and helped me step by step throughout the entire process. She knew how to negotiate and knew exactly what I needed to close fast on the apartment. Jenny is not only smart and helpful, but very nice and responsive. She truly cared about getting the apartment for me and was available to talk at any time (morning/night/weekends).

I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.
Michael Fishman - Pure Fix Cycles
Jenny Durling is the most patient, experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent the world has ever known!

It took me years to find the perfect first home for me and mine and Jenny was there for me all the way. If you're a first time home buyer in LA with a limited budget you know that this market is seemingly impossible. The Los Feliz, Echo Park, Silver Lake hoods are especially impenetrable if you're not an investor with a pocket full of cash. I thought I'd be looking, fighting with short sales, and haggling in bidding wars for forever until I found Jenny. Jenny has a Secret Weapon!, she's is FAST! 

In LA, if you find something you like you have to jump on it. There is just no time for waffling, faxing, or any nonsense like that. With Jenny's 21st century approach it's pretty much a guarantee that your offer will be the first one to hit the sellers desk. When I was working with Jenny I knew that I could call, text or email her anytime.

And when I finally found my dream house she worked tirelessly for me; she used docu-sign, which allowed us to e-sign all of our paperwork thus making the sometimes-painful mess of submitting an offer now refreshingly quick, easy, paperless and painless (we signed our offer paperwork via iPhone while on a road trip!). 

I know that without Jenny's speedy work, knowledge of my search area and market experience I'd still be a house hunter and not a home owner. 

ps. writing this review from the deck at my Echo Park home! #livingthedream. 
Erika Toth
Jenny is witty and patient--which have proved to be great traits when searching with two newbie home buyers! She is not too pushy, but assertive and not afraid to ask tough questions when needed. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and graciously has held our hands through the process of buying our first home. In the end, she has become a trusted friend.
Cristin and Armando Salas
Summary of their experience I could not be more pleased with the support, guidance and attention to detail that I received from my very capable realtor, Jenny Durling of LA property Solutions. During the sale of my former home and the purchase of my new home, she was incredibly knowledgeable about the process, the neighborhood and the marketing of the sale of my home. It was was truly, a most pleasant working experience.

Buying or selling a home can be a trying experience, particularly when attempting to do so in a bad market or slow economy. That having been said, Jenny not only sold my house in 24 days, but also managed to get over the asking price when I refused to compromise on the price. This house was my dream house and I had put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it before discovering that my heart really was in another area of LA.

What I appreciate most was her professionalism, experience based advice, and knowledge of the market, and lastly her "get it sold" tenacity!!!. Her calming ability when the stress of selling and buying proved to much for me was highly valuable. No one better to hold your hand or guide you "HOME" then Jenny. She exhibited great skill at both selling and helping me to purchase my new home throughout the process. I will always be thankful for all she did.
Brandt Daniels
Jenny is a very professional realtor.Quite helpful in working out all the details. She really knows the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area.

I highly recommend her, especially to first time buyers.
Erik Stone
Jenny durling is a great agent! If you're looking for someone to parter with to help you buy a home - particularly in NE Los Angeles, Jenny is an excellent choice. She is extremely knowledgeable about this area especially and can help you thoroughly research and analyze pros and cons associated with various properties. Jenny was extremely conscientious, proactive, patient, and always very professional. She was fantastic and helped us find the best place for us in Silver Lake. I'd highly recommend her.
Luis Lopez and Hans Johnson
Jenny Durling was a patient and supportive Realtor throughout the grueling process of viewing properties, writing offers, and finally closing on the home I bought. She stayed on top of the process and kept me completely informed each step of the way. Jenny spent countless hours explaining the process, the documents and answering all of my questions. She is extremely knowledgeable in the best way to structure offers on all types of properties from standard/traditional sales, to short sale and even foreclosures which is what I ended up buying. She is a great negotiator and was even able to negotiate extensions and repairs by the bank which is not easy to do! I would highly recommend her as a professional and experienced Realtor and will certainly call on her when I’m ready to buy my next property.
Yuriko Etu
I worked with Jenny over several months during my home search in LA. During that time, we visited multiple properties in several LA neighborhoods, and Jenny's knowledge of each was truly impressive. She not only knew the answers to every question I asked, she would provide valuable advice and keen insight into issues I hadn't thought of yet--but which were very important. She was a tireless advocate on my behalf and she consistently went above and beyond the call of duty. Her responsiveness, skill, expertise, local knowledge and honesty make her an excellent agent. She's well-connected among agents around LA too, which can be helpful. In a nutshell, I highly recommend Jenny and would never think about using anyone else in LA.
Nick Jones
I worked with Jenny for a year before we actually purchased our property. My husband and I were casually searching for the right property for almost one year. Throughout the year Jenny kept in touch with me. She is very friendly, professional and has knowledge in her field. 

I appreciate her assistance and guidance through out our buying experience.
Rowena Hofman
Jenny Durling summed up in one word, Amazing. 

Long story, but I'll try and make it as short as possible. 

My grandparents passed away, I co-owned a house in Silverlake with my Aunt. 
Ultimately is was an estate sale. I was living in the house, my Aunt lives in Sacramento. 
I had to handle all the day to day's. Meeting's, Cleaning, Maintenance, Face time, Etc. 

My Aunt, very Particular, not the easiest to get along with so I had no communication with her during the whole sale process but Jenny did a great job managing to let both of us know what was going on separately. I appreciated that. 

When she first put my home on the market she was realistic with prices in today's market, comps, the usual stuff, but her own personal touch was the professional photographer she brought in to take amazing photo's of the house. I think it made all the difference. 

Estate sales are rough, but Jenny always informed me a day in advance of potential buyer showings, opens, and recently listed and sold houses in the area. 

Jenny made selling my home seem easy. She texted, called and emailed me each step of the way. She's a no pressure Realtor, she will tell you whats going on, good or bad. She isn't just a Realtor, when your around her its more like talking to a friend you've known for years. 

She's an amazing agent and that's not even giving her enough credit. If you are looking to sell your home, I would recommend Jenny to anyone of my friends and family to use her.
Morgan Barnes
I contacted Jenny because I knew I wanted to buy sometime in the near future, and figured it would be a good time to start looking. We found a terrific house in North Hollywood that I thought was too good to be true. I drove past the house a few times and decided that I wanted to make an appointment to see the inside.

I met Jenny for the first time outside of that house, and from that moment, the entire process was effortless. Before I met her, I didn't even know what escrow was. The idea of buying a house was intimidating to say the least, but she put my mind at ease. She explained everything. Every time I would have a moment of doubt, or fear, she was there to listen, and reassure me.
When dealing with a troublesome mortgage broker, She made phone calls for me, and went above and beyond the call of duty.
Simply put, Jenny was an absolute sweetheart from start to close, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

David Laurenzi
It was fantastic working with Jenny. She gave us space when we needed it, gave us tons of information when we requested it, and guided us every step of the way into our home. From the very beginning, she demonstrated to us that she was truly a no pressure type of agent. My husband and I worked with Jenny for over 2 years before we found our home and Jenny was patient with us as we turned down dozens of homes along the way. We felt terrible, but she continued to weed through the junk and in the end, Jenny got us in the our perfect home! Thank you Jenny!!
Ruby Lee and Chris Boykin
How Jenny Durling Proved Me Wrong: 

I do all my shopping online. When it came time to buy a house, naturally, I felt that online shopping was vastly superior to the outdated methods of old. Why would I need a person involved in this process, when all the information I need is in my living room? 

My strategy proved correct, vast amounts of information came to me with ease, maps, prices, pictures, and stats…. I’m going to have a house locked up by the weekend – w/o some agent getting in my way!

2 months later: 

Lost a house, and we were combing over and over again through the same old funky stale listings. We also learned the lesson the hard way on bad deals that the seller’s agent telling you they will fight for you as a buyer, not really true… at all. This made me more defiant, that we could go-it alone. Meanwhile houses were coming on and selling before we knew about them. 

After clicking on the same dank/ fixer for the 100th time, we knew it was time to change course. We just were not seeing the “good” listings, our offers were clumsy, and we were depending on people that did not have our interests at heart to move the process. 

My parents had been urging me from the start to find an agent. They remained close friends with their agent until she passed away, being so happy with the life she helped them achieve – but that was the 70’s, this is now.

Very hesitantly we took my parents’ advice and called Jenny Durling, who was recommended very highly by a friend who recently bought a home. 

I was of the mind to get into things slowly… but not Jenny. The next weekend she had 6 (new) places set up. Each was mapped out and neatly prepared with a wealth of information on each property. It did not seem to matter what time of day or night we hit her with questions, she was back too us almost before we hit send!

I was starting to fear I would have to admit I was wrong. The first time we went out, I was sure of it. Going through each house she had a skill for seeing pros and cons in the properties that we, as new home buyers, missed. She also could read the situation on the financial side and give us very reliable, realistic advice we could trust. She knew the market in a way we could not. 

It was during our first offer that I really had to admit I needed a buyer’s agent, and Jenny was one of the best! She came in after hours to put an offer together, and worked the deal with such skill and speed; I knew she was working for us. For that reason, even when the situation changed and my father in law was buying, and we from him, I insisted he work through her. 

What I had failed to see is that buying a home is still a very human process. There are politics, and individual human forces driving each sale. Like any trade, you need to have experience to navigate properly. The tools on the Internet are great, and can help tremendously, but to execute a good deal, you need a buyer’s agent. Giving someone a hammer does not mean they can build a house… giving someone Redfin does not mean they can buy a house. 

Eric Toth
Proud Recipient of a "SOLD" Sign!!!!!

Eric Toth
Jenny was so helpful and accommodating in assisting us to purchase a home in Burbank. She showed us many homes and spent whatever time was required. She was always on top of the situation, even answering our questions or researching and providing information after business hours, if necessary. She also provided us with good tips on reliable local contractors to perform services such as electrical, plumbing and pest control work.

We would highly recommend Jenny Durling to anyone looking for a home. She was always honest and dependable.
Vince and Pat Bastine
As first time home buyers, Jenny’s expertise navigated us seamlessly though the challenges of buying property in Los Angeles. She is knowledgeable, personable and diligent in connecting families with their ‘perfect home’. Keller Williams is fortunate to have such an informed and accessible agent and we thank her for never giving up on us. Our new home is wonderfulAlysia & Matthew Conarroe
Alysia & Matthew Conarroe
Jenny was willing to show us a range of properties within our budget and we never felt pressured to spend top dollar. She represented our interest as buyers, and never pushed us to offer more than we were comfortable. She is informed about the market, knows her neighborhoods, made herself available when we needed her and thoroughly answered all of our questions
The Nystroms
We found Jenny online. My husband and I were brand new to LA and were interested in buying our first house. Unlike the other half dozen or so realtors who took days and even weeks to get back to me, Jenny responded immediately. And when the others did finally get back to me, they had little to no communication skills compared to Jenny.

Jenny never pushed me and I felt very comfortable with her. She asked where we were moving from and what kind of lifestyle we enjoy. She showed us great houses in neighbourhoods that bridged our transition from a busy, walkable city to Los Angeles. Even after our budget turned out to be lower than we first told her, she gave us all the attention we needed.

We wanted an older fixer, so there were all kinds of interesting sellers! LOL! The house we finally fell for was a dreamy Spanish Bungalow. It was an estate sale though, and the surviving family members were (understandably) emotionally charged. Things on their end got complicated but Jenny navigated us through it and negotiated like a superhero. We got the house for a really great price and still, everyone left happy.

The second-best part of our experience with Jenny is how we never felt alone in the process. We asked tons of questions and she always had a logical answer. The best part of our experience is that we got a super pretty house!”

Jane Casserly
I am writing this letter to sing the praises of Jenny Durling. I have purchased two homes with her expertise. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable, but she is on top of every single thing that transpires during a real estate transaction, from negotiations to inspections. Both of my Silver Lake purchases went smoothly from beginning to end, with the help of Jenny. My escrows closed flawlessly. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to work with the best.
Karen Malecki
Take it from us: Buying your first home is stressful! From finding that perfect place to obtaining a mortgage and navigating piles of paperwork, we were often tempted to let the burdens outweigh the joy. Fortunately, our Realtor never let that happen.Jenny Durling expertly guided us through the process. Never judgmental and always supportive, she offered up frank advice, and, when the situation called for it, tough love. We acknowledge that weren’t always the easiest clients, but Jenny kept things in perspective, taking her job – but never herself – seriously. Bottom line: She became a true partner in our search for a home. 

Being new to Los Angeles, we relied on Jenny to help educate us about the market. She introduced us to new neighborhoods that we might not have otherwise considered and gave us an honest assessment of each property that we saw. While other realtors seem to look out for their own best interests, Jenny always advocated for ours. 

Once we fell in love with a place, Jenny did what it took to ensure we got it. She negotiated firmly but fairly, and advised us to compromise at the appropriate time. She directed us to a dependable mortgage broker who handled the bureaucratic aspects of the sale and relieved us of our financial worries.

Several months later, we’re settling into our new home. Jenny still checks in on us regularly and has even recommended contractors to help us make home improvements. We’ve come to think of Jenny as a friend, not just a Realtor, and enthusiastically recommend her services
Dave Beck and Jon Panker
Their dedication to my transaction was at all times, unwavering, doggedly determined, and exceedingly professional. They were incredibly responsive, timely and a pleasure to work with throughout the entire real estate transaction. Two characteristics contributed to the successful sale of my Los Feliz home; integrity and reliability as demonstrated by my agents. It’s the right formula for success.
Bruce Simmons
I was thrilled that I decided to work with you when buying my house in Eagle Rock. It was a great fit and an efficient process and I would not hesitate to refer any of my friends or NBC-Universal colleagues to you.
Tara Wallis
Jenny Durling is a great Realtor to work with. She really went the extra mile when my husband and I were selling our home in Long Beach to purchase a condo in Silver Lake. Always available to talk with, and patient in dealing with the many details in buying a home. She treats her clients as individuals not numbers. We highly recommend her if you are looking to buy or sell in Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park and surrounding areas
Roy and Claudia Colmer
I would recommend Jenny to anyone buying a house. She listened and helped us find a home that fit our price point and space criteria. She looked out for our best interests and brought concerns to our attention that we didn’t even think about. Jenny is also very well connected and surrounds herself with experts that share the same quality of service. She introduced us to our mortgage broker, Arin Dunn. They both made the process easy and smooth. She is expert in her industry. We trusted her fully. Jenny answered any questions we had promptly and professionally.”
Linda Tang and Tony Scaletti
I hired Jenny to do a short sale to get me out from under an immanent foreclosure on my Silver Lake home. She and her legal team successfully negotiated favorable terms with my lender under difficult time constraints, and negotiated diplomatically with my departing tenants, with prospective buyers and with contractors to complete the sale. I’d highly recommend her to anyone facing a similar situation.”
Sim S.